In-Office Medical Procedures

Taking proper care of your health can be time-consuming, which can make it difficult when you are in need of healthcare services. Most people are busy these days and the thought of taking time off work in order to take care of what they deem to be minor health issues often get pushed aside until they have more time. Fortunately, more medical professionals are offering their patients the opportunity to have a number of minor medical procedures performed in-office.

In-office medical procedures make it so that there is no longer a need for those who are in need of a minor medical procedure to make a trip to the hospital or surgery center. Instead, they can make an in-office appointment with a medical professional and save themselves a lot of time.

In-office procedures
Having a medical procedure performed in an office setting is often preferred among patients. The smaller setting often makes patients feel more comfortable and does not take as much time to perform when compared to hospital or surgery center procedures.

We provide a variety of in-office procedures for our patients including:

  • Joint injections
  • Abscess drainage
  • Laceration repair
  • Wart treatment
  • Skin tag removal
  • Foreign body removal

Joint injections
Joint injections are a common treatment option for those who are experiencing chronic joint pain. When someone has been diagnosed with chronic joint problems it means that they often experience discomfort due to the inflammation that comes with a chronic joint pain diagnosis. Because having joint problems can make it difficult for someone to perform their everyday functions without being in discomfort and/or pain, joint injections are often recommended as a form of pain management.

Abscess drainage
Abscess drainage is necessary in order to remove the infected fluid contained by a wall of tissue that can occur anywhere on the body. When someone has an abscess it means that their body is isolating some form of infection, which can be quite painful and can lead to the patient not feeling well. This makes it necessary to drain the abscess as soon as possible in order to remove the threat of further infection as well as remove any unhealthy tissues necessary for proper healing.

Laceration repair
Laceration repair is a medical procedure that needs to be performed as soon as possible in order to properly repair any cuts or tears in the skin. If there is any doubt whether or not someone is in need of laceration repair contacting a medical professional is a must. Laceration repair is definitely necessary for a wound that exposes muscle, fat or tendons, has jagged edges, will not stop bleeding, contains dirt or debris and/or is located on the hands, feet or joints area. Once a medical professional evaluates the laceration they will make the best laceration repair recommendation, i.e. stitches, staples, surgical glue.

Wart treatment
Wart treatment involves using one of the many medical procedures available to remove warts. The procedure used to remove warts will depend on the severity of warts and will accordingly be determined by a medical professional. Some of the treatment options used to remove warts include freezing, minor surgery, and topical creams. Proper and prompt wart removal is important because warts are contagious and can spread quickly. When a patient has their warts removed by a medical professional, there is a focus on killing the virus so it will not continue to cause more warts.

Skin tag removal
Skin tag removal is a common treatment option that can be performed in-office and in only a short amount of time. While skin tags tend to not cause patients any health-related issues, many prefer to have them removed because they are either 1. getting irritated due to their rubbing on clothing, etc., and/or 2. are becoming aesthetically unpleasant. The skin tag removal process involves using a few different treatment options, including burning, freezing, cutting off the blood supply and/or cutting off the entire skin tag.

Foreign body removal
Foreign body removal is a medical procedure that is necessary when there is a foreign object in the body that is not supposed to be there. This includes anything that is inserted, lodged or stuck in the body, with the most common areas in need of foreign body removal including the ears, nose, eyes and soft tissues. If a foreign body is not removed in a timely manner it is highly likely it will lead to an infection, making it necessary for those who have a foreign object in their body to seek medical assistance right away and often involving a more complex procedure.