Understanding Diabetes Treatment And Getting a Diagnosis

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, it may take time to find the best diabetes treatment. Diabetes is a condition that affects the blood sugar levels in the human body. When a person has this condition, they have to maintain their insulin and blood sugar levels. This can be accomplished with diet, exercise, and medication. However, it is necessary to know whether or not the pancreas is producing enough insulin.

Tests can determine whether a person has diabetes and once that is determined, we can provide the best treatment plan.


Diabetes can be diagnosed after a series of tests are performed by a physician. The available tests are as follows:

#1 Fasting blood test

A person is unable to eat or drink anything for several hours before having their blood drawn in a lab.

#2 Oral glucose test

There is also an oral glucose test that can be taken to determine the blood sugar and insulin levels inside the body.

#3 A1c tests

These tests are used to test the blood over a specified period. High levels in the blood mean the person has diabetes.


diabetes treatment will vary depending on the specific diagnosis and patient. Diabetes is not a condition that can be treated by one physician alone. We work with the patient to have the best outcome for the treatment of diabetes, which may include working with additional professionals. These can consist of a nutritionist, a podiatrist (foot doctor), and a diabetes specialist.

Medication, exercise, and changing a person’s diet can all help to control the symptoms of diabetes. Managing blood sugar levels and insulin output is also required to keep diabetes under control. Insulin is the most prescribed medication for patients that have diabetes. This helps the body process the sugars and keep levels regular. The specific medicines required vary from patient to patient, so it is essential to speak with our office about what should be taken.


Monitoring the levels of insulin in the blood is extremely important for those with diabetes. This is completed by using a lance that draws the blood from the fingers of the patient. Once the blood is drawn, it is put onto a test strip and inserted into a machine that reads the blood sugar levels of the person.

This indicates to the person whether or not their sugar levels are normal, too high or too low. If the levels are too low, the person may need to have more sugar intake. Levels that are too high indicates that insulin is required to bring the sugar levels down. Specific directions are given to the patient on how to handle their situation.


Speak with a physician today if you suspect that you may have diabetes. The right diabetes treatment plan is required to keep the condition under control. This is something that is important to consider since diabetes can become dangerous for a person if not kept under control.