Primary Medical Care: Who Provides it and Why You Need it

Primary medical care is provided for the entire family unit so that everyone can go to one doctor’s office and receive quality care from the same provider. The three focuses of a primary care physician are usually pediatrics, general internal medicine and family medicine.


There are specific conditions, illnesses and other ailments that these primary medical doctors can care for. Chronic medical conditions, in anyone, of any age, can be taken care of by this doctor. Not only that, but even children can see the primary care provider to receive quality care, even if they are newborns. Many times, these primary care providers can also provide prenatal care or women’s services if required. Specializing in a range of areas, they are a well-rounded choice for a family looking for whole family care. That being said, they may also refer patients to specialists if they feel it is in the best interest of the patient.


Primary medical care refers to a range of medical topics and services provided. It is the place where a person goes to get the medical care that they need for a condition, illness, ailment or other problem that has yet to be diagnosed. They provide continuing care for conditions that have been diagnosed and need to be treated regularly. If the patient requires specialized care, then the primary care provider can refer the patient to a specialist. For example, they may refer a patient to a cardiologist for help with a heart-related condition or to a gastroenterologist for help with intestinal problems. Then, the specialist will send information on the diagnosis or treatment plans that they recommend. This allows the primary care doctor to continue monitoring the patient’s overall health, even though they are not leading this particular treatment area.


While searching for primary medical care, contact our office. We are accepting new patients and will be happy to answer questions. If living outside of our area, ask friends and family for a referral. When meeting with a new doctor be sure to ask about the care they provide, who they see, and what they believe is recommended to treat any health challenges you are facing. It is also important to find someone who the whole family is comfortable with. Once this is done, schedule an appointment for everyone to visit the doctor at least once per year. These annual visits are important because whenever someone is sick, they can see a doctor that they have already established a relationship with.