What is Considered to be High Blood Pressure?

Posted on: July 16, 2018

Wondering if you have high blood pressure, or do you already know? Not everyone knows if their blood pressure is above average as the signs and symptoms are not always apparent. Moreover, because many of the signs and symptoms are relatively general, it can be difficult to connect them to blood pressure problems. The best thing you can do if you think your blood pressure needs to be lowered is to live a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating healthy and exercising regularly. Taking your blood pressure every day is also suggested so that you can carefully keep track, as you want to keep your blood pressure numbers in a healthy range.

High blood pressure causes

The exact cause of high blood pressure is not known. What is known is some of the risk factors that can contribute to someone being diagnosed with high blood pressure. Risk factors that cannot be changed include how old they are, what race they are, what socioeconomic status they hold, their family history and their gender. Risk factors that can be changed include their making healthier food choices, losing weight if overweight, how often they exercise, alcohol drinking habits and taking certain medications.

High blood pressure symptoms

Some of the symptoms that are associated with blood pressure that is too high include minor to major headaches, feeling shortness in breath, experiencing nosebleeds, experiencing chest pain, experiencing visual problems and experiencing dizziness.

High blood pressure complications

Complications that are related to blood pressure that is too high include heart attack, heart failure, stroke, kidney failure, aneurysm, a loss of vision and memory problems.

High blood pressure numbers

So what is considered to be high blood pressure? There are two numbers associated with a blood pressure reading. The systolic number is the top number, and the diastolic number is the bottom number. When the two numbers are put together, they allow someone to know whether his or her blood pressure is too high, too low or just right. A systolic number that is below 120 is healthy. A diastolic number that is below 80 is healthy. While there are general blood pressure guidelines, everyone is different and will, therefore, have his or her baseline for healthy blood pressure.

Is your blood pressure too high?

If you think or know you have high blood pressure and would like some help in learning how to lower it to a healthy number, we ask that you call us today so we can make a convenient appointment for you. Having blood pressure that is too high can easily cause you additional health issues, and we do not want that for you. Even if you are not experiencing any major health problems, it is still a good idea for you to have your blood pressure professionally checked from time to time to make sure that it is normal. If you happen to have any blood pressure questions, give us a call!

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