What are the Early Signs of Diabetes?

Posted on: May 21, 2020

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A diabetes diagnosis can come with other health issues, like heart disease, blindness and kidney failure. If you are currently experiencing early signs of diabetes, then making an appointment for a complete medical evaluation as soon as possible is important. The sooner you take control of any health issues you may have unknowingly, the faster you can treat these conditions.

About diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that is diagnosed in people whose blood sugar levels are too high. It causes the body to improperly process food, which in turn causes sugars in the blood to build up over time. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 30.3 million Americans have diabetes. Another 84.1 million have prediabetes, which often leads to diabetes within five years.

Early signs of diabetes

Recognizing the early signs of diabetes can stop the condition from getting worse. Since the CDC states that people with prediabetes do not often know they have this condition, it is essential that you monitor your health for any of these warning signs. An early response can stop the prediabetes from becoming diabetes.

Frequent trips to the bathroom

When you need to make frequent trips to the bathroom, it often means that your kidneys are not able to keep up with the amount of glucose you have in the body. This extra glucose is allowed into the urine, which causes you to urinate often, even during the night.

Having wounds that are slow to heal

If you have a wound that seems like it is taking a long time to heal, it could be because the blood vessels have been damaged due to the high amount of glucose traveling through the arteries. High amounts of glucose make it hard for the blood to reach all areas of the body, potentially slowing down its ability to heal wounds.

Losing weight even though eating habits have not changed

Losing weight for no apparent reason is an early sign that occurs because insulin is not getting enough glucose into the body’s cells. The body, in turn, believes it is not getting enough nutrition. To combat this, it will start to break down the protein in your muscles to use for energy.

Experiencing vision problems

When you experience problems with your vision, it can be because your body’s blood sugar levels are fluctuating rapidly. These high levels of blood sugars can cause the small blood vessels located in the eyes to allow fluids to cover the lens of the eye.

Feeling fatigued or exhausted throughout the day

High blood sugar levels can lead to you feeling unwell most of the time. This feeling is often due to the body needing to work harder to compensate for its lack of glucose.

Are you experiencing the early signs of diabetes?

If you have any of the above signs of diabetes, you need to make an appointment for evaluation right away. Our professional care services can help detect if you have prediabetes. If so, we can develop a treatment plan for you.

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