Learning About the Basics of Pediatric Immunizations

Learn more about pediatric immunizations given within the first two years of life. Knowing the schedule gives you the knowledge needed to make an informed decision for your child.

Types and Causes of Thyroid Disease

Here is why you should learn more about thyroid disease and speak with a specialist. #Thyroid #Disease #BelAir

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What Causes Allergies to Develop in Adults?

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Need High Cholesterol Treatment? How to Lower Cholesterol

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6 Steps for Improving Sleep Hygiene and Getting Better Sleep

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Geriatric Treatments Helps Older Adults Remain Active

Doctors are able to provide geriatric treatment in almost any doctor's office or medical facility. As medical professionals, doctors work with many older patients and understand that, as a person ages, there are going to be different health concerns that … Continued

Every Family Needs a Primary Care Physician

Every family needs a primary care physician. This is a doctor who routinely cares for your long-term and immediate health, providing treatment during an emergency, clearing up a routine infection and monitoring the health of everyone in the family to … Continued

Schedule a Sports Physical, Even if it is Not Required

A lot of schools require sports physicals in order for a child to participate. These requirements are in place and may be necessary even before the first practice. Some leagues, especially for younger children, do not require one. Thus, parents … Continued

6 Sleep Hygiene Tips to Improve Your Sleep

Sleep hygiene is an area of health that is important for anyone who suffers from difficulty sleeping at night. Having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep is actually fairly common. This difficulty may be due in part to a busy, … Continued