Need High Cholesterol Treatment? How to Lower Cholesterol

Posted on: July 2, 2018

Thinking you are in need of high cholesterol treatment because your cholesterol numbers are too high? While high cholesterol is not the best for your health, the good news is that you are in control when it comes to lowering your cholesterol. Two of the best steps that you can take to reduce your cholesterol numbers is to make healthy food choices and exercise on a regular basis. While losing weight is also going to be beneficial when it comes to lowering your numbers, making the right food choices and exercising often is going to help you lose any extra weight you may be carrying around.

How to lower cholesterol

The best ways someone can reduce his or her cholesterol is to make sure they are making positive lifestyle choices. The fact that most people are very busy nowadays has them not paying as much attention as they should to the food choices they make. Instead of taking the time to think about their food choices and creating healthy meals, many people choose to get their food from fast food establishments.

Eat the right foods. The following contains food items that are known to lower cholesterol, as well as other important food information that supports a healthy body.

Cholesterol-friendly foods include oats, whole grains, beans, eggplants, nuts, okra, apples, grapes, oranges, strawberries, soy and fatty fish.
Avoiding artificial trans fats is highly advised, which includes partially hydrogenated oils. Checking food labels is the best way to understand how much, if any, trans fats are added to that particular food.
Eating plenty of fiber can help to lower cholesterol levels and includes eating foods like whole grains, beans, peas and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Avoiding process sugars is recommended because it can raise cholesterol levels.

Also, because people are busy working they do not always allow themselves the time to get the exercise they need for their overall good health. Recommendations for lowering one’s cholesterol through exercising includes:

  • Participating in some form of strenuous activity for at least 40 minutes at least three times a week.
  • Engaging in moderate exercising activities the other four days for at least one hour a day, i.e., brisk walking, yoga, playing Frisbee.
  • Being mindful of the nutrition decisions you make on a daily basis.

Have high cholesterol?

If you are looking for your best high cholesterol treatment options, you are more than welcome to call us for advice. While eating healthy and exercising regularly are two of the more important things that you can do to lower your cholesterol, every patient is different. This means that you can make an appointment with us so that one of our professional doctors can perform an individual evaluation of your cholesterol readings. The results will allow them to discuss their recommendations for how you can lower your cholesterol so that you can be as healthy as you can be!

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