How a Primary Care Office Can Help as the First Point of Contact for Your Healthcare

Posted on: April 11, 2019

Health care can be confusing but a primary care office can help. One of the most significant issues that patients can face is not knowing which type of doctor or health care professional to visit when an ailment or injury becomes an issue. With so many different specialties and doctors who focus on a specific field in health care, having a main point of contact is crucial for taking away the stress of choosing a health care professional when the time comes.

How can a primary care office help a patient?

Primary care offices are focused on the general health and wellbeing of their patients and people who visit their office for an injury or sickness. However, having a primary care office that a person always goes to can help keep medical records up to date and accurate if the time comes for a patient to see a specialist in the medical field.

Knowledge and trust

For anyone who needs medical treatment, having confidence in the doctor's opinion and medical knowledge is vital if a more significant issue arises. For instance, if a person begins having issues that would require seeing a medical doctor in a specific field, knowing your primary care doctor and trusting their judgment will make the process a breeze.

The primary care office will also have an up-to-date record of the patient’s health, and any information that a hospital or specialist would need can be quickly compiled and sent to the appropriate parties. Overall, having this central point of contact will ease any worries or stress on patients, as they will know that all the information they may need is easily obtained and up to date.

A good place for treating minor injuries and sickness

When minor injuries or illnesses such as sprains or allergies pop up, it is great to have a trusted physician and medical team to turn to. A primary care office will be able to treat the patient and know enough of their medical history to avoid the patient having to fill out a large number of forms, as would be the case at an urgent care or similar type of facility. Nothing is worse than not feeling well and needing to remember dates, treatments, medical history and knowledge.

Treatment after a medical emergency

Sometimes, a medical emergency could strike, and care may be needed in an emergency room. After the patient becomes well and is released, many times, there is follow-up or basic maintenance to ensure that the person stays well. A primary care office can be the best point of contact.

Once the primary care office has the information and records of what happened, any maintenance medication or check-ups to ensure that the person stays well can typically be done at their primary care office. Already having a trusted doctor and medical team can make this easy and stress free.

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