4 Flu Symptoms That Require Immediate Attention

Posted on: September 3, 2018

In most instances, flu symptoms aren’t a significant call for concern, especially when it’s in the early stages.

With that said, there are warning signs of a severe case of influenza that require immediate attention from a healthcare professional.

Serious Flu Symptoms

Although usual flu symptoms such as a mild fever, sore throat, and body aches don’t require medical attention and can be treated with home remedies and over the counter medication, more irregular flu symptoms can be problematic or even life-threatening.

The following are the four most serious flu symptoms that suggest a more serious case that requires medical treatment.

Difficulty Breathing

Although congestion is common with the flu to a certain degree, the inability to breathe correctly is not a typical symptom associated with the flu.

In the event breathing becomes difficult to the point where it can only be done through a conscious effort, it is crucial to go to an urgent care clinic immediately as the difficulty breathing may not be the result of the flu and suggests something more concerning might be causing the issue.

With that said, the congestion associated with the flu can cause a slight level of discomfort while breathing, but the congestion can easily be reduced and prevented to a degree by simple home remedies, such as drinking a hot beverage and taking a hot shower.


Frequently a severe case of the flu results in a disoriented state of mind, which is often caused by dehydration due to the flu. If there is ever an instance where a confused state of mind accommodates the flu, it is essential to seek immediate medical assistance to treat the disorientation as well as the underlying cause.

To prevent disorientation while in the midst of the flu, it is crucial to receive adequate rest and, more than anything, stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.

Chest or Abdominal Pain

As mentioned, congestion is probably the most common flu symptom. With that said, chest or abdominal pain should not be automatically attributed to the presence of the congestion. Instead, it is important to seek medical attention for chest or abdominal pain as it is likely a symptom in and of itself that suggests a more severe case of the flu.

While congestion and body aches are standard with the flu, it is important to recognize when enough is enough and seek help for severe pain that is on the verge of becoming unbearable.

Constant Vomiting

Lastly, constant vomiting that lasts for more than several days should be treated after visiting an urgent care clinic, a walk-in clinic or emergency room as soon as possible.

It isn’t necessarily unheard of to vomit with the flu, but constant vomiting that lasts for multiple days without improving is very problematic and suggests the flu in question is relatively serious. By taking proper action, however, the flu symptom of constant vomiting – as well as all other symptoms should begin to subside within a couple of days after the start of treatment.

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