Child Immunizations: What Parents Should Know

We have all heard how important child immunizations are, but watching their child getting a shot can be difficult for many parents. The fact that parents might also have concerns about how safe the vaccine is or if it is … Continued

What is a Sports Physical?

Wondering if your child or teen needs a sports physical? Also called a preparticipation examination, most schools require parents to get a physical for their child when they want to participate in sports. Even if a school does not require … Continued

7 Tips for Health Promotion

Health promotion is a good way to prevent poor health. These preventative measures go a long way in keeping healthy and avoiding illnesses, decreasing your risk for other various health problems. Seven tips for health promotion #1. Eat well Eating … Continued

10 Reasons Patients Visit Us for Urgent Care

As a provider of urgent care, we treat patients who need immediate medical services. Families visit us from throughout the area when they're sick, injured or worried about their health and want quick care that does not require a visit … Continued

5 Popular Primary Care Services

Wondering which of the more popular primary care services are available to you nowadays? Great! This means that you are being proactive when it comes to your good overall health. It is important for everyone to take advantage of the … Continued

Primary Care Physician FAQs

A primary care physician is the doctor that you see on a regular basis. They are the doctors who you visit for your annual checkups as well as preventive care like immunizations. They know you well and will recommend specialists … Continued

Primary Care Visit FAQs

Looking to learn more about primary care? There have been a lot of changes to the health care system over recent years, which means that many people have questions about visits to see their primary care physician (PCP). These questions … Continued

3 Treatment Options for Tightness in Chest

Tightness in chest comes in varying degrees. Although a minor case of chest tightness does not necessarily suggest a serious underlying issue, a more severe case should be treated promptly in order to ensure the symptoms are not the result … Continued

4 Flu Symptoms That Require Immediate Attention

In most instances, flu symptoms aren’t a significant call for concern, especially when it’s in the early stages. With that said, there are warning signs of a severe case of influenza that require immediate attention from a healthcare professional. Serious … Continued

Learn More About Hypertension

Learn more about hypertension, what causes it and how it can be treated. #Hypertension #Medical #BelAir