Bel Air Family Care

About Bel Air Family Care

At Bel Air Family Care, we put the needs of our patients first when we develop a treatment plan.

We customize each patient’s condition since there is no one-size-fits-all treatment for the more advanced conditions or illnesses. While over-the-counter medications may be effective for patients with minor illnesses, patients will need stronger and customized treatment for more advanced conditions.

Fortunately, we customize the treatment and ensure that patients are able to return to a healthy lifestyle following treatment. We can continue to help patients after the initial treatment if any symptoms return in the future. We help families receive the care they need in one location and keep records to continue providing customized treatment.

Meet The Physician

<p>Dr. Yuvraj Kamboj</p>

Dr. Yuvraj Kamboj

Dr. Yuvraj Kamboj is a Board Certified Family Physician practicing Family Medicine for the past10 years. He completed his Residency in Saginaw Michigan at Synergy Medical Education Alliance, then moved to Kankakee Illinois where he practiced Family Medicine in inpatient and outpatient setting. He then moved to Bel Air and worked at Smaldore Family Practice. Most recently he was Medical Director at Patient First White Marsh.

He has extensive experience in the field of Family Medicine and Urgent Care. He is passionate about preventative care and getting to know his patients.

He loves watching movies, playing tennis, basketball and spending time with his family. He is especially passionate about football and is a huge Ravens fan.