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At Bel Air Family Care, our team will provide patients with the necessary family care to live fulfilling and healthy lives. We help families bring all of their members to one location, instead of needing to take multiple trips to different locations for each family member. We provide care for patients ranging from children to adults with pediatric and geriatric treatment techniques.

By having all family members visit one location, we can also measure any conditions that may pass on from generation to generation. This way, if both parents and grandparents have a specific condition, we can keep an eye out for signs of it in the children. Patients will be able to receive quality family care and preventative medicine in our practice.

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We Are Accepting New Patient's and Most Insurances Accepted

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Our Team

Our team of professionals will help create a comfortable and welcoming environment from the moment patients walk in the door to following up on aftercare, if necessary. Our goal is to help patients receive the treatment they need to recover and continue living life to the fullest. Our team takes the time to truly understand the patient’s condition and listen to all of the patient’s concerns. This way, we can customize the patient’s treatment plan to his or her needs. No patient is exactly the same and will not always benefit from a one-size-fits-all treatment. Our team can customize the treatment for each patient to ensure recovery and the chance for the patient to begin living a healthy lifestyle again.

Our Services

At Bel Air Family Care, we offer patients primary, family, pediatric, geriatric and internal medicine. With immediate care available, patients do not have to wait weeks for the necessary treatment. While scheduling appointments can help the process, we also act as a walk-in clinic. We provide diabetes treatment for patients of all ages and can keep track of which family members have the condition and which do not. Patients can also receive treatment for pulmonary disease, hypertension, high blood pressure and thyroid disease. We can provide children with preventative care to help keep children growing up strong and healthy. Parents can also inquire about pediatric immunization and adult immunization treatment at our practice. Call us for more information on our services or to schedule an appointment today.

Patient Information

Upon scheduling an appointment, we will need new patients to fill out a “New Patient Information Form.” This form will cover the patient’s medical history, current condition, health insurance, allergies and any other relevant information. Patients can fill this form out at home, before the appointment, from our website or fill out the form in person in our waiting room before the appointment. We will gather information from this form and during the initial examination to determine the most effective treatment for the patient’s condition. We create a comfortable atmosphere for the patient to relax and receive the treatment that he or she needs. Patients will be able to feel that they can ask any and all questions they have without issue.